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Dear Parent,


MESSAGE FROM THE WEBSITE AUTHOR:  This page provides information, resources and guidance for you on how to utilize this website and how to properly support your maturing young adult as she or he begins this critical journey to select and pursue a career that may impact his or her future for the next several years, or perhaps. a lifetime.  


I wish, and you may agree, that we all had the opportunities for career selection and pursuit that we have available to us today.  With some good thought, planning and hard work, nothing should be beyond reach of our children. I, too, am a parent (four grown children all leading very satisfying and rewarding careers).  We certainly want the best for them.

HOW TO USE THIS SITE:  Active site navigation links can be found to the left of this message box.  Clicking on anyone of those links will immediately connect you with a page addressing the subject matter identified by the title. The entire planning document can be viewed and downloaded from the student's page.  Depending on content, subsequent pages may take approximately 30 seconds or more to open depending upon network and local computer speeds and conditions.


There exist three key sections to this website.  They are:


        1.  Intoduction:  About the site and its author... me.  The links to check are...

                         HOME and ABOUT ME.


        2.  Student Information and Tasks:  This encompasses nine (9) detailed

                        segments of the career planning journey... links entitled VISION,



                        AND ISSUES, AND CONTINGENCY PLANS.   While individually

                        linked, the entire set of linked pages can be seen as a whole in one

                        Powerpoint presentation.  This can be viewed via the STUDENT'S

                        PAGE link.

        3.   Additional Resources:    The bottom of the left navigation frame contains a

                        list of resource links identified in lower case letters.  They are provided

                        to aid students, teachers and parents in this career planning journey. 

                       The link titles are:  Assessment Blog, Calendar, Contact Me,

                       Documents, Guestbook, Journey Resources, Member's Page,

                       Parent's Page, Photos, and Teacher's Page.    


It is urged that you come along with your career seeker on this critical journey providing the wisdom. knowledge and coaching that comes with maturity and experience. At the same time. it should be noted that this is a unique period in the career seeker's life with very personal assessments and decision-making responsibilities.  Coahing should be limited to information and guidance, NOT direction.  New knowledge will be developed by the career seeker as he or she explores strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.     

Please note that this is a dynamic strategic plan in that it changes with time, knowledge and the environment in which we operate.  I wish you a happy, successful journey with your career seeker as I have enjoyed with mine.

Bob Barone (Author and Parent)