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To Be Or Not To Be:

           That Is The Career Question !

WELCOME Career Seekers and Career Changers

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This CareerQuest is designed to introduce high school seniors and/or college students to career planning using personal inquiry, critical thinking and professional business planning processes. Each element of this multi-part project will be identified and investigated as it applies to the individual student.  It investigates how students currently view themselves in terms of strengths weaknesses, the marketplace in terms of opportunities and threats; and how they view their future. Each student embarking on this journey will create a path from the here and now to the cusp of their final career destinations. Please note that planning is a dynamic process.Today's career plan could differ from tomorrow's, however, the more we perform self examination, and the more we learn about careers, the more our vision for personal growth and direction comes into focus. 


RATIONALE:  Why consider career planning now?

   Many high school seniors and college freshmen are entering a strategic phase of their lives where they must begin to focus on career paths.  Analogous to a tree, the trunk represents the solid academic foundation provided through K-12 education.  At the point of branch divergence, the student, now at crossroads, needs to determine the appropriate career path to pursue.


   While decisions can be deferred, the greater the delay, the greater the susceptibility to inefficient utilization of time and $$$ resources.  A counterpoint is that a fast un-informed decision can lead to even greater losses of these valuable assets.


   If time and $$$ do not represent sufficient rationale, lifelong happiness should be considered.


   While we oftentimes speak of “win-win” situations, this could very well represent a “lose-lose” counterpoint.


   Another thought is the very personal higher order thinking a student must employ when considering the development of such a life impacting plan.  The ramifications are enormous. There is no one right answer.  There is only self thought and reflection leading to new insights, pathing and development.


   All aspects of inquiry-based learning from reflection to understanding to new knowledge and directions are covered. The student will complete this assignment with a new knowledge and perspective relative to his or her future.



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